I'll try to answer what I think might be frequently asked questions here. If you have other questions please ask them, and of they are asked frequently, I can put them here as well.

What is Online Home Poker?
Unlike most online poker sites, Online Home Poker attempts to capture the home game, rather than casino, poker experience. The site is designed to provide unprecedented customization so you can play poker the way you want.
What games are available to play?
Almost any game. Online Home Poker was designed with an incredibly flexible game engine such that adding a new game is trivial. If the game you want to play is not available now, contact us and explain the rules, and we will add it.

However, there are some limitations. If you want support for the following game features in the future, contact us and let us know.

Games that are currently not possible to play in Online Home Poker:
  • Games which take into account positioning of cards when scoring. (ex. Iron Cross)
  • Games which include passing cards to other players (ex. Anaconda)
  • Games which do not use standard poker hands for scoring (ex. Badugi)
  • Games which have more than 5 hole cards, up cards, or community cards.
Is this a gambling site?
Online Home Poker does not take any bets or pay out winnings based on the outcome of games of chance. The Online Home Poker currency is purely play money and is not backed by any real world money.
Can I play for real money if I want?
Online Home Poker requires approval by the club owner when play money is added or removed from an account, so you can control members' balances. If you and the members of your club decide to back the Online Home Poker currency with real money, that's up to you. Social gambling is legal in many places, but it's your responsibility to find out if it's legal in your area.

Online Home Poker will not take any money for bets or pay out winnings. Accounts will be terminated along with associated clubs if they are found to be engaged in illegal activity.
Why does nothing happen when I click join?
This is most likely because you have pop ups blocked. Most modern web browsers will notify you somehow when a pop up is blocked and allow you to open it.

Another possibility is that your browser is too old. You can fix this by upgrading your web browser.
Why does the table I added have different settings than I chose?
There are a couple reasons your settings might be changed:
  • If you add a game that has a lower maximum players than what you set, the maximum players will be lowered to that of the game.
  • If any of the games include drawing, discarding or turning up cards, the ability to flash cards will be turned off
  • If you set a tournament style game as dealer's choice, it will be changed to fixed rotation.