About Us

profileOnline poker sites already do a pretty good job of emulating what it’s like to play poker in a casino. However, many avid poker players rarely ever set foot in a casino. We are home game poker players, and we like to play with our friends and family in the living room, a spare room, a garage, or even a dark corner of a bar somewhere.

We don’t all play the same games or even play by the “official” rules if we don’t like them. We like to mix it up, have some fun, talk some trash, and play our games the way we play them. Online poker sites don’t have a lot to offer us. But that’s all changed.

As much fun as it is to get together for a live game, for many people it’s just not possible. Friends move away, we have families that require we stay home more, and all kinds of other things come between us and our poker.

Online Home Poker is here to save your poker night. With an unprecedented number of games available and level of game customization, it’s as close as you can get to home poker without physically sitting across the table from the other players.

You can play mixed games, dealer’s choice games, common games, uncommon games, and even games you made up! Blinds, antes, and bet sizes are all completely up to you. During play, you have the option to straddle, check in the dark, go rabbit hunting, or even flash your cards when heads up.

What’s more is that Online Home Poker keeps track of all the money for you. While the site does not take or pay out real money, every poker club in Online Home Poker has separate chip accounts for each of its users. This provides the ability for the administrator of your group to control the chips coming in or going out.